Proposal: Support joint liquidity mining program of 1inch exchange

We propose that the 1inch liquidity mining program participants will be rewarded with 50ā€™000 $OPIUM tokens from the Ecosystem Fund at the end of the month via DR.OPIUM mechanism (see details).

1inch is a DEX aggregator that combines liquidity from major DEXes. 1inch achieves the lowest slippage by splitting orders among multiple DEXes in one transaction and bridges the liquidity if a specific trading pair lacks liquidity in all DEXes.

On Jan 29 2021 1inch team announced a liquidity mining program for ETH-OPIUM liquidity providers. Under this liquidity mining program, 0.04% (600k) of the 1INCH token total supply will be distributed among providers of liquidity to the ETH-OPIUM pool over a four-week period.

We liked the initiative and decided to propose token holders to support this initiative (via voting) as an experiment.


  • Implement live APY and $OPIUM reward tracker on Opium.Finance
  • Deploy DR.OPIUM based on Farming 1inch OPIUM-ETH LP pool events, distribute 50ā€™000 $OPIUM proportional to 1INCH rewards


  • Opium Team


Support 1inch liquidity mining with additional 50ā€™000 $OPIUM via DR.OPIUM?
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  • Against

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Since the forum consensus on this proposal was reached we created a signalling voting to allow $OPIUM, $wOPIUM and 1inch ETH-OPIUM LP tokens holder to approve this proposal with their voting power


Thanks for posting. Iā€™m excited to join this forum and take part in this vote!