Proposal: Staking reward program for Tubos


We have a lot of Turbos available but very little liquidity in the pools that back them, see: Opium Finance . Furthermore many of the Turbo staking pools have been loss making. For instance these two flagship Turbo staking pools:

These turbo pools obviously need time to prove themselves, but the negative returns accumulated so far likely dissuade people from investing in them. Which in turn results in very little availability of Turbos on the supply side.

This is a pity as Turbos are a great addition and could really help propel the Opium protocol.


Provide a reward in Opium for providing liquidity in Turbo pools. I’d suggest a reward of around 20% APR, or a fixed amount per pool to be divided among investors (which would mean lower APR with more pool investors and higher APR with less investors, hence the market would set the APR). The exact level is something that would need to be discussed.

For simplicity purpose I’d suggest one reward program that includes all liquidity provided in all pools (or a selection of pools that we want to promote).

As for the duration, 6 months seems like good choice, as investing in these pools is a longer term game, and it gives some time for the Turbo pools to prove themselves. Upon expiry the program can always be renewed.


To be honest in general I dont like idea of incentive participants of such “black-hole” pools.
I call it black-hole because whole idea of all the “instruments” on Opium platform is matching risky parties and reward them from each-other funds in balanced way via “game theory” approach.
So, current picture of the daily turbos clearly showing their disbalanced mechanics at favour of turbo buyers.

Obviously Opium protocol (DAO) can not compensate losing players forever. Its much better to spent these funds to incentivise developers to build new and optimize existing tools instead.
So… for example… in radical way speaking - instead of compensating these losing players with 100,000 $OPIUM (literaly brrrrrrr money into the void) , it would be better to organize bounty with such task to solve:
those who will find a way how to optimize daily turbos in a way, which gives LP participants stable positive APR in month2month basis - those will get 100,000 $Opium prize jackpot!. :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:
This (I repeat - radical) approach will bring more value per $cent to $OPIUM token I suppose in terms of ROI for Opium protocol as a whole.

BUT. Ofcourse we dont have to jump from one extrem to another.
Ofcourse, all the early participants (in any form) deserve to be awarded for their time and risk they taking with testing protocol.
And taking into account all the toughts above - may be instead of “how to compensate LP” lets try to discuss more broader general task - how to solve “daily turbo disbalance” issue here?
Or its better to open another thread for that ? what do you think, @ottodv ?

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I think that’s an even better idea than mine!

I don’t mind using this thread. But for some reason I cannot edit the title (which contains an embarrassing typo). If I could I would not mind changing the thread title or add something to reflect that your idea (proposal :smile: ) is discussed here.

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Great! Glad you like general idea :+1:
Ok, indeed, i think its better create separate thread…
I will do it in near time and attach link to this original thread, so peoples can follow through the discussion roots.

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