Proposal: Payment for the Development phase of “Oh My Opium”

Hi there,

This proposal is created for requesting the payment for the development part of “Oh My Opium” from the beginning till 06/05/2022 including prepayment which has already been paid.

The invoice for this period of Development phase you can find here: $14,617.76 May 12, 2022 invoice to Oh My Opium_ - Oh My Opium.pdf - Google Drive

There is the link to the signalling voting for the improvement and development of the community version of Opium Finance - 2

We would like to kindly ask you to submit the payment for the next two weeks of development work.
The requesting amount is 48693 OPIUM (stated on 12/05/22).

The exact amount of hours will be calculated at the end. The approximate calculation for the rest of the work you can find here: OMO - calculation | left to pay - Google Spreadsheets

We value your cooperation.

Best regards,
Codemotion Team

Hey guys!

To be honest I am not here often but saw your proposal and got curious about the development. I am also currently building the platform, so I am interested in more details can you please share a more detailed report on the numbers? Just trying to understand how much each component costs?

Hello! @Sosite_Kirpiches

The last detailed report you can find here: Proposal: Support the development of community version of Opium Finance - #31 by Codemotion

If you need more clarification feel free to ask.