Proposal: Support the development of community version of Opium Finance

Good afternoon!

We have completed the Sprint 1 and are ready to start the Sprint 2.

During Sprint 1 our team did:

  • docs investigation
  • setup environment
  • media querry responsive grid
  • tabs component
  • dropdown component
  • accordion integration
  • network pop-up
  • login pop-up
  • header

Result of Sprint 1: working header with tabs, network switcher, login popup (log in is still only through metamask wallet), log out.
The next Sprint will include work on the Pools page.

Codemotion Team

Screen Recording 2022-03-17 at 13.39.12

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We have completed Design Review and described it with main ideas that will be good for the user experience and user interface in Oh My Opium.

We have written recommendations regarding:

  • menu
  • tabs
  • hierarchy
  • icons
  • dropdowns
  • user interface

For more details on the report, please follow the link: UX/UI Recommendations for Oh My Opium - Google Documenten

The design we reviewed:

Codemotion Team

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Good afternoon! We have completed Sprint 2 and are ready to start Sprint 3.

During Sprint 2 our team did:

  • IPFS investigation
  • setup dev, staging, production environment
  • routing
  • new network (Polygon)
  • list of pools
  • details of pools (without stepper)
  • my pools
  • filtering of pools (programs)
  • filtering of pools (network switcher)

Result of Sprint 2: more advanced header (network switcher), all environments, routing, part of Pools page. The result you can see on the Demo video 31.03. - Google Drive

The next Sprint will include work on the stepper in Pools page, sorting in Pools page, Positions, and wOPIUM page.

Codemotion Team

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Good afternoon! We want to share with you the intermediate result of Sprint 3.

During this time our team did:

  • log in via WalletConnect,
  • stepper in Pools page,
  • sorting in Pools page,
  • Positions (only layout)
  • wOPIUM page (only layout)

Result: almost finished Pools page, new page as Position and wOpium, log in via new wallet. The result you can see here: Demo - Google Drive

Now we work with testing and edits.

Codemotion Team

Good afternoon! We have already finished Sprint 3 and now we are in the Stabilization phase of development.

During this time our team did:

  • edits regarding stepper in Pools page
  • stacking only functionality
  • my stake filtering
  • withdraw positions functionality
  • wrap/unwrap in wOPIUM page
  • image optimization

The result you can see on the Dev environment:

Link to the repository: GitHub - Daa17/oh-my-opium-Dev

We will write soon regarding our plans and dates of finish.

Codemotion Team

Good afternoon! We write with updates.

The report with logged time and task you can find here: Tempo - Codemotion (1).pdf - Google Drive

Now we have in work such tasks

  • App optimization
  • To aline dropdown
  • New phase after Wainig phase
  • If the wallet is not connected, please write “Please connect your wallet” instead of network error
  • Withdraw positions
  • Change hardcoded text from the mobile description of the pool
  • Look to the order of actions in the open maintenance popup
  • Edits for sorting
  • Edits for filtering
  • My balance on the wOPIUM page

We plan that all tasks will be completed next week. It may take a little more time for new edits if any will appear.

The result you can see on the Dev environment:

Codemotion Team

Hello @Codemotion

I believe that you guys worked on this, but IMO considering your time and budget reports, delay with the delivery, and looking at the Github commits you shared: this project was implemented by a team of junior devs without much effort from the company itself to anyhow speed up the dev process and make it more efficient. Sorry to say.

Below I show examples that a lot of the time was spent on the project inadequately (due to the simple lack of devs’ knowledge on basic things?). I think it’s not fair to pay for these inefficiencies from the DAO at the expense of the token holders.

I’m only writing it now, as you did not send here any mid-term time and budget reports (also you should send docs in pdf format on IPFS instead of changeable google docs).

Some examples:

  1. Wrap / Unwrap

Comparing the initial Oh My Opium with the one that you delivered, I see that there is only a markup change. Which was reported as 5 hours of markup, which is ok. But additionally, there is a time reported for Wrap / Unwrap (which I assume is the same component) and it was reported as an additional 31h (16.5 + 14.5). So almost one week of work on what?

  1. IPFS investigation

More than 1 week (49h) was spent on this. I don’t know what was done there, but clearly, it has nothing to do with the React application codebase and I don’t see any impact on the project at all.

  1. Stepper

I see that together 2 developers spent like 70 hours on this (almost 2 weeks). It’s clear to me that there is no need to spend such an amount of time on one simple component, that in my opinion will take MAX 3 days for a senior dev to implement from scratch, but not 2 weeks.

  1. My stake filtering

Filtering, for almost one week of work (27 hours). Don’t see any impact of this spent time on the project.

And I’m not done yet, I think almost all the reported work was implemented 2-3 times longer than it should have. Examples: sorts, filters, web3 integration (?), staking only functionality, etc.

As far as I understand, in the beginning, there was already a functioning platform, which only needed markup and “additional” functionality, which was confirmed by your BA phase.

A big question to the project manager time reports, that had to spend half of the developers’ time (1 month). What was done there? What took 160h of PM’s work?

Community already paid 6k$ for the BA phase, which was supposed to ease the development process and answer all questions, and it already paid 17k$ for the development itself. You directly dropped these tokens on the market and you are asking 48k Opium tokens, which has extremely low liquidity now and the community holding them, while the team is releasing Opium 2.0 and protocol just started to pick up volumes, partnerships and adoption.

Overall this project is one frontend screen that is according to my experience done with one senior developer within 2-3 weeks max. I show it to a few of my tech lead friends and they access such development to 80-160 man hours of an experienced developer.

Your budget of 42k USD looks 5-10x overpriced and sorry to say but when I see your report with all these completely unnecessary and inefficient charges I have very serious doubts regarding 160 hours of project management and seniority of developers.

I was paying 12-15k$ for this kind of development (from scratch) and was already considering it inefficient.! 40k$ for this development looks like a robbery to me and I’m voting against the final payment unless we resolve all the questions that arose.


Thank you for taking the time to review and provide feedback. We want everything to be as clean and open as possible, so we have sent the detailed task report to your community.

Initial task estimation
The initial estimate is a rough breakdown of time, which includes various risks that may arise during the development process. It is the time that goes beyond - this is the time for risks, which we have now tracked into specific tasks, and in the assessment, they were included as additional activity (code review, refactoring, task analysis, bug fixing 20%, stabilization stage)

You may notice that the final budget does not go beyond what was predicted during the BA phase. We estimated that the project would take us a total of 450-500 hours of development (without meetings) and 160-220 hours of project management. In fact, we got about the same (520 hours of development and 160 hours of project management), as was described in the document that you all saw at the very beginning.

Logged time
You may also notice that some tasks were not time spent at all, and some really went beyond the initial estimate. During development, some kind of library conflicts, clarifications, and rewriting of already written code often arise, and in order not to create a separate task for each such small task, we tracked all this in a common task. This gave you the impression that some tasks took longer than expected. Therefore, there are no serious deviations from expectations for the budget agreed upon at the beginning.

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that in the BA phase, after all, not all points were described, we learned many requirements already in the development process which is more than natural. Therefore, we did not just work with ready-made functionality and make a new markup. We also did an investigation and require clarification, because not everything was included in the initial design (for example, work with phases, networks, and texts related to functionality)

We will write a soon post with an explanation of logged time of the task you wrote about.

750 hours for Oh My Opium
is that a joke!?
maximum 40 hours of one front end developer

Hi guys @Codemotion

you done a nice work. I like the design of it!!!
The code is clean. This project takes more than 40 hours :laughing:

How much do Filter pools cost at all, etc?

OMO-58 / IPFS investigation (49h) as @parasite highlighted. Lots of time spending for investigation. mentioned in your estimate 4 hours. longer in 12 times?

Pls explain it.

@parasite @stingray
Hi guys!

The time spent on a specific task does not mean that it was spent specifically purely on the implementation of this functionality. This could include the developer’s time for merge requests, self-testing, bug fixing, investigation, and code updating.

This is exactly what you can see in the tasks that you have noticed, such as Wrap / Unwrap, Stepper, My stake filtering, and IPFS investigation. Somewhere in the process of development, new interdependencies arose, somewhere new functionality was discovered, somewhere more initial estimated communication and investigation were required.

My two cents:

I have looked at the team and the rates, they look very experienced and senior.

Talking on my experience, front-end itself ( will be done only by the first developer (7 years of experience) within few weeks. There is no doubts for it, it is clear - markup and simple logic.

However maybe I am missing something - is it only this front end or backend/solidity development?

however this does not sound like it were senior experienced devs :flushed:

lol wtf, i implemented initial version for free, just to contribute to the project

give me 5k$ grant in timelocked OPIUM i’ll implement same functionality and add Opium 2.0 updates as a cherry on top :smiley: i’ll hold!

750 hours is extreme, you cant sell yourself as ‘senior developers’ ask for a premium rate and than spend a field day developing. it is not And And but OR OR - if you are junior developers then you can justify more time spent at lower rate, but senior means senior - you dont have spend time on learning and trial as you know it already - i have seen at least a 100 contracts by now, this is a bit too much now in comparison. I have seen a bank app (proper operating account system) developed in less than time then this, and that stuff is regulated by Central Bank!

What is there to show for the previous grant?
These estimates seem over the top for a website like this.

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Hello Opium Community!

Let me jump in here and introduce myself and my team.

I’m the CEO and Founder of Codemotion. I’m 37 years old, Kyiv born. I have technical education and background and worked as a software developer for eight years before founding Codemotion in 2011. I’ll be happy if you check my LinkedIn

On the other hand, Codemotion is a team of 200 developers who have successfully delivered and launched live more than 150 projects for our customers, always sticking to agreements and taking full responsibility for the deliverables and high quality. Most of our clients have been working with us for years with total trust. Please take a look at our Upwork profile with $10m+ earned with excellent reputation Codemotion Ninjas 🥇 Upwork Awarded | Upwork and please search for our Clutch page (can’t put another link here due to forum rules for new users)

I’m astonished by the situation here as our main principle is complete transparency at every stage of any cooperation. And we applied this principle while building a community version of Opium Finance from the first step. Now I feel that our team is fully unsynchronized with the respected community members.

This weekend, I’m thoroughly checking through the issue and investigating all the reports and communication.

Let me get back to you early this week with my investigation results and address every community remark.

I’m glad our company has the opportunity to collaborate with the Opium community, and my goal here is to preserve this collaboration for the long term making Codemotion a trusted vendor when you need any extra help.

Have a great weekend!


Hi Opium Community.

Getting back to you with my analysis results. It took a while for me to investigate everything.

Let me go through the topics one by one.

Dropping tokens on the market

I totally understand you as holders of Opium tokens and understand how important to keep high liquidity of it.

Still, Codemotion is a classic outsourcing software development company with hired in-house developers as employees. We have an obligation to pay wages to our employees in a timely manner in FIAT.

Therefore, we’ve been transparent with you all the time, that we need to receive payments in stable coins (at least). All our invoices from the beginning of our cooperation (from Nov 21) have been represented in the United States dollars. When we posted proposals for pre-payments and payments we were always indicating the amount of Opium that is equal to the amount of the United States dollars on the posting date.

Unfortunately, we’ve never considered token exchange as an issue for the collaboration.

Estimation concerns

The very detailed estimate with breakdown, budget, and timeline was posted on the 2nd of March. Everyone had access to it and we were fully transparent from the beginning on all numbers. We received 100% approval via signal voting.

Regarding the concern about possible changes in the estimation. It’s our mistake we didn’t use IPFS to store the PDF version. Anyway, we’ve made the estimation document with full edit access for everybody so you can check the versions history and see no changes were made after March 2 (you should be logged with any google account to see versions history, it’s not visible for anonymous access, unfortunately). You can find the link to the file in this post Proposal: Support the development of community version of Opium Finance - #23 by Codemotion

Budget reports and project duration

Regarding project duration, we want to pay your attention that we have almost met our deadlines. According to the 29 of May, we had already spent 11 weeks (with included public holidays) instead of 9. We admit that the timeline was gone beyond 2 weeks, taking into account that there was some unexpected time for us with finding solutions and with consultations on the already operating Opium Finance that were tightly connected with “Oh My Opium”.

When you ask anybody about the alternative quote make sure they study the whole specification with all details to make sure they are aware of every small piece of functionality from the specs posted on the 2 March in this topic. Personally, I also like to give very optimistic numbers before digging into details. But specification stands to put everybody on the same page - what is expected and what should be delivered.

Project management hours

A good project manager takes control of a project from beginning to end, ensuring that the initiatives and goals are strategically aligned and everyone is on the same page. He is the main person who ensures and guarantees the budget and timeline fit for the project.

Eventually, we delivered the project with high quality, and we fitted into the budget and deadline, which was done successfully according to all criteria.

We admit that for some tasks there was a reallocation of resources and overspending. This was compensated by speeding up on other tasks.

Following the estimation link mentioned above, you can find described Project Management Routine (please, skip the lines with Daily client update / Client daily grooming / Sprint grooming with the client as it’s not applicable to our cooperation)

Team composition and qualification

Regarding the team composition which is shown in our proposal (attached to our first post Proposal: Support the development of community version of Opium Finance Nov 21 ) is the possible team for the project.

We started our development phase on the 28th of February. Since 3 months after posting the proposal, the development team was changed as there could be lots of reasons such as an allocation of resources on other projects. We can keep the same team in case the project starts immediately. Otherwise, we allocate similar resources.

Budget Optimization

We’ve made steps towards budget optimization during the development. This was possible thanks to the more experienced front-end developer assigned to the project.

You may notice that the time dedicated to technical management (48-64h) was almost not spent. This is due to the fact that we were able to optimize the team and not involve a much more expensive specialist there because our front-end developer has such competence. Accordingly, our front-end developer, in addition to his planned tasks, was also involved in refactoring, optimization, acceptance of work from himself and the HTML developer, and conducted a code review. Due to this, his hours of work have increased, but his rate is lower than the rate of a Tech lead.

DevOps hours (10-12h) were also taken over by our front-end developer, so we skipped the additional time of the team on onboarding and further communication with a new team member. Therefore, these hours also moved to the spent time of the main front-end developer.

Going Beyond Task Evaluation

We understand all your concerns about tracked hours, and exactly that you are confused by front-end development hours, which basically really looks like something that went beyond the original estimate. But we are open to you and ready to go through some technical issues more clearly in order to analyze them in more detail.

  1. Wrap/Unwrap
    During the development, it turned out that this feature is not stable, we additionally added new texts and interdependencies with networks, which also tracked into this task (additional 23h). Anything small that appeared on the wOpium convert page due to edits or style conflicts was also included in this task.

  2. My stake filtering
    In the process of work, the developer found two bugs there and, accordingly, tracked them in the same task (33,5h). Also, the time for searching for staked pools is tracked here, they have not been displayed and the developer was searching for a reason, and the time for developer tests when working with pools has also gone here. The thing is that there was no separate call in the system to simply make a request and get all the pools that should appear in the My Stake section and only after testing, searching, and consultation it turn out that this data should be obtained by referring to the balance.

  3. IPFS investigation
    This includes time both for investigation and for some test work related to the deployment. And here we did not take into account many moments that were not known to us at the evaluation stage, so this task was stretched out because of the risk of working with a technology that was new to this developer. At first, the developer tried to build through the desktop app, but it didn’t work, and only then did he manage to do it through

Yes, the time spent here really looks inefficient and we admit it. We agree that it is fairer to take part of hours (30h) as our risk because it is our fault that we did not conduct this investigation more thoroughly in the BA phase and that we spent additional time during development.

  1. Stepper
    This task is also not as easy as it looks at first. There were 2 options to implement such component - slider or stepper. At different points in the implementation of the task, the team had new edits and had to rewrite some elements, as the developers changed the component several times. And of course, they made it up and changed the functionality several times. Because it was difficult to decide in which of the components all design elements can behave as they should. Ir was regarding filling in the points of the current phase, showing the correct date, showing the progress of the line, and the possibility of a slider in the mobile version of each of the phases.

Here, too, we agree that we must take out this time that the HTML developer additionally spent (20h) due to incorrect team decisions made at the beginning.

In total, the overall picture looks like some tasks really took longer than expected, and some really could have been done more efficiently like IPFS and Stepper (part of Details of pools). But this did not affect the budget negatively due to the reorganization of work on other tasks.

We deduct 50 hours of inefficient work (30 hours of front-end and 20 hours of HTML developers) which is equal to $2,150.00.

As a result, the project total amount spent of $34,607.00 is close to the original Optimistic estimate of $33,397 instead of $42,687 in a Realistic scenario.


I can’t find any critical mistake from our side.

As I mentioned previously we are a classic outsourcing company with 11 years of history with a proficient team and what is more important well-established delivery processes. We have 200+ in-house developers and delivered more than 150 projects launched live.

We guarantee and take full responsibility for the quality, budget, and timeline fit. And this approach has helped us to grow from a team of a couple to a current team of 200 people without any external funding.

I’d be happy to provide you with references to our existing long-term customers who work with us for years so you can hear direct feedback.

I’m a technical person myself and was coding for more than 8 years. And I understand that obviously, some skilled developers can do the same amount of work faster and cheaper. But the questions are: can he be trusted? can he guarantee the quality? fit in the budget? keep a timeline and properly plan his load? can he overcome accidental sick? can he just get money and do nothing? And in the case of a single developer/freelancer, you take all these risks on yourself.

You make the same choice when e.g. you make an apartment repair work - you either take all risks working with a single construction worker or you hire a trusted company with guarantees. And then you understand the value of why you are paying more.

In the case of working with a trusted company, you avoid all these risks. And when a company makes a mistake it fixes it on its own. We were very clear initially that we are not a company that is cheap or cost-cutting but we are reliable and give a guarantee.

That’s why for me as a business founder and person who keeps his word it’s strange we are facing this issue right now when previously agreed budget and estimation are reconsidered after agreed works are done.

We are focused on long-term and transparent cooperation with Opium Community that’s why if any of the community’s members want to have a call with us and discuss any questions regarding our results, we are open to it.

Additionally, we want to highlight that applying for the development of a community version of Opium Finance means that our work is going to be very transparent and evaluated by senior tech experts as you are. Such kind of cooperation is possible only when an agency has a strong development team and solidly established processes. Also, we work transparently and don’t use the “black box” or “man-in-the-middle” model as most agencies do. We publish all reports and provide access to all collaboration tools. That’s why cooperation with the community is possible for us.

As a next step, our team will send the updated report for works done.


Hi, community!

We supplement the text of our CEO about spent hours, hours for ineffective development, total budget and comparison with initial estimate in the form of a table for greater clarity for you.

Codemotion Team

Hi, community!

Since you did not have any comments on our last posts where we answered your questions and provided detailed information on each of your questions, we would like to start the payment process.

Codemotion Team