Voting delegation

Got through several dao’s and found a really nice feature. I propose to add voting delegation to Opium DAO.

As an example smart contract wallet’s (Gnosis Safe, Argent, Authereum) voting power can be delegated to any wallet since it cannot sign the messages. Or any user can delegate its power to another.


According to DeGov article of Vitalik, it is also a solution to many governance related challenges.

Is there any downsides? It seems it will improve governance participation.

The only downside I see is the potential concentration of voting power on a particular entity, but I think other DAOs usage of delegation show us positive effects of it by increasing of the participation ratio, even though it’s indirect (delegated)

How this idea can be realized?
I mean - its just new addon in Aragaon Opium DAO setup? or something else have to be done?

This is a feature that is already included in Snapshot functionality. We are going to have to vote for enabling it through changing the Snapshot configuration via DAO

Current version:

New version might be:

Just tested it on my test snapshot environment and it works as charm. The logic is:

  1. You can delegate your voting power on particular space or all spaces to Delegatee via on-chain transaction
  2. Delegatee can cast votes using your delegated voting power
  3. If you disagree with a Delegatee's vote, you can override it’s vote with yours
  4. Once overrode vote can not be changed by Delegatee anymore
  5. You can delete your delegated voting power via Snapshot UI

P.S. Also removed members from the configuration, as it doesn’t make any sense to keep it there and does not affect anything


Created a voting here:

It will definitely increase the participation ratio, great idea!

I think that voting systems in DeFi should migrate into “political parties”, where people could join and delegate their votes. Parties can get more or less power and governance tokens based on their results (KPI options, like UMA) and commitment (locks, long term job etc).


ok, thats cool!
But, what the Delegatee interest in such a role ? How about Delegatee incentives ?