UniFarm staking with Opium Network

Hey Opium folks! :slight_smile: Would the community go ahead with a group staking protocol with UniFarm.co along with Opium Network ?

Vote yes and we’ll make it happen!

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Hey @Harshtech

How does it work? Can you please explain?

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@alirun Hi there. Unifarm is a unique farming solution where a bunch of projects comes together to create a reward pool. Users can stake any one token which they hold from these projects and get multiple tokens as rewards by staking them on our platform.

For example, if there’s a UniFarm pool of $ORO, $MATIC, $REEF, $CNTR, and $FRONT, you could stake any of these tokens and start earning all the tokens as rewards.‌

Last week we launched our 37th Cohort with Safle, Cannumo, UFarm, and Cinema Draft. Check it out here: https://unifarm.co/

We’d love to have Opium Finance for our next cohort where we’re pooling Polygon projects. :slight_smile: You can reach out to me on @Hchachra TG handle

could you please elaborate why this farming is beneficial for the projects participating?

I read this forum long time and I believe Opium community is against “just another farm token”


  1. what is the value for Opium Project

  2. what is the risk for the farm reward?

thank you

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