UI improvements proposal

Guys&Galas, I think current UI not make it clear to the user about how exactly final return will be… even at average calculations…
Current description is not so clear to me…

So, I propose to add a little info “anchor” (similar to what we already have about product description on the left side) with extra pop-up screen, where more exhaustive information about return calculation can be found.

As an example we can add there something like this:

Displayed APR is roughly approximated by taking into account current $OPIUM price and pool TVL.
and calculated by the formula: 100 * OR/TVL (extrapolated in 12 months APR)
OR is ($OPIUM rewards per staked funds) * ($OPIUM_price at the epoch start)
TVL is Total Value Locked in the pool for current epoch.

Total return for LP calculated as: PU + DR
PU is pool utilization rewards. More pool utilization lead to more premium to the pool.
DR is optional $OPIUM Reward (with vesting aka drOpium) assigned to the pool by the Opium governance. Reward value calculated as such : blablabla(here formula for reward value calculations)
drOpium rewards is retrospective, so can be seen on user mining tab only after distribution (usualy at the end of the epoch).


I agree with most of your insights & i like your wording, there’s indeed room for improvement in terms of user interface which is why we’re currently working on a new UI which should address some of your feedbacks


thats great to hear Ricco! :pray::rocket:

Hello @riccardo and Opium team.
There is another idea I come across today…
I staked my liquidity in Turbo’s pool.
And several days I cant pull it out from it haha))) because I always miss the transition period ))) and new epoch is started… lol.
So my Idea is this:
what IF we introduce checkbox-like thing, which tell the system that this poor guy want to exit from the pool in the next epoch.
So, by default this checkbox ofcourse is turned off. But I can open up my positions TAB and select which pools I want to exit from. And I dont have to sit before my monitor with a timer and wait exact moment before next epoch start.