Suggestion: Merge insurance staking pools

Currently there are 3 pools for 3 different insurance products. The xDai OmniBridge pool only has 10k in it.

I suggest to merge these pools into one and create an opt-in/out interface to let stakers choose which protections they want to cover.

Please elaborate more about this idea. I just dont get what opt-in\out means.
I definitely like an idea to merge liquidity and remove excessive UI elements, but want to better understand the process you imply in your proposal.

By opt-in/out I mean that the staker / user when depositing liquidity has the option (checkboxes) to choose which protections he wants to provide.

Ahh… so its more UX update… yeah sounds nice.
But I suppose there can be some tricky issues because different products have different timeframes etc… they are out of sync … can be complicated to sorting this out :slight_smile: