Suggestion: make turbo products parameters configurable by DAO

As the title says. I suggest there is a period where the DAO can change strike price and costs. This period should be before the buying period ofcourse

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100% logical step .

But lets make it more clear for community - which exact parameters you have in mind while proposing it ?
lets discuss them.

I don’t know the exact parameters that are there but the ones I’m thinking about is:

  • Strike price percentage currently for Turbo ETH it’s 3%;
  • the cost of Turbo I don’t know how much this is currently.

Premiums on Opium finance products are composed by fixed and floating premiums.

Fixed one is configurable, floating part is hardcoded and can’t be changed. Floating premium vary based on pool’s utilisation.

In turbos we have 2 configurable params:

Fixed premium: currently 2% on Turbo ETH and 10% on Turbo AAVE

Strike price delta: new_strike_price = current_price * (1 + strike_price_delta) on the rebalancing (execution) date. Currently 3% on Turbo ETH and 7% on Turbo AAVE

Here is the doc, you can copy it and play with changeable params (yellow)

  • G2 and G3 are start and end of the observing period
  • N1 and N2 are strike price delta and premium