Suggestion: Create Opium staking pool

Create a staking pool where Opium holders can stake their Opium to receive part of the fees that are generated by the platform.


hmmm… which is main difference between such “pool” and already existed “governance-pool” where peoples can stake their OPIUM tokens for vOPIUM ?
To me it looks more logical to share fees through vOPIUM holders instead.
I can be wrong ofc… but please explain more details about this idea.

Thanks! Yes vOpium should be used for this, thats the most logical thing to do. In the code it’s possible to define a commission (%) for derivatives. This percentage is deducted from the ‘winner’ margin.

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emm,its good idea,but I think it doesnt work currently.
There are 2 metrics about BNT:
And the first metric for Opium :
Not enough Opium could be used for staking :weary:
BTW,I hope team could consider increasing more LM reward to bootstrap the liquidity