Protecting collateral via Opium protocol

guys, I am here thinking about usdt protection in terms of collateral insurance …
simple situation:

  1. I lending XX USDT on aave,
  2. then borrow YY DAI out of aave…

with this setup, even if I will hedge all of my USDT by opium insurance, I am not insured from liquidation on aave, because if usdt price drop aave automatically detect my undercollateralised position and will liquidate it.

so… I come across with an idea how it can be fixed (maybe?)
a) lets mark in our minds for a minute, that when I bought protection on opium I get it as ERC20 tokens (lets call it PRT tokens)
b) lets mark in our minds for a minute that this PRT token is liquid and tradeble on open market (as it should by design)

With all this in mind we have that my combined position (USDT+PRT) in realtime keep its original value at the same level (more or less, with little fluctuations) regardless USDT volatility.

Soo… thats mean - IF aave allows me to lend my PRT into their platform - I got fully protected borrowing position.