Proposal: Uniting claiming DR.OPIUM programs for 1inch $OPIUM rewards


We propose that the DR.OPIUM program for claiming rewards from 1inch Liquidity Mining ETH-OPIUM pool will no longer be divided into weeks but connected into one unified program to decrease the number of claims, thus users will pay less gas fees.


1inch is a DEX aggregator that combines liquidity from major DEXes. On Mar 1 2021 Opium Team announced the prolongation of the ETH-OPIUM Liquidity Mining pool. It was divided into 4 separate weeks of rewards distribution, which are claimable separately.

Many users wanted to claim their rewards as often as possible. However, we have recently faced many opposing opinions regarding rewards distribution for 1inch Liquidity Mining pool.

We decided to propose uniting the aforementioned weekly DR.OPIUMs into 1 monthly DR.OPIUM program. Next rewards will become claimable from Apr 1 2021 with 50% charity fee and a 90-days unlocking period.


  • Deploy DR.OPIUM to distribute all rewards for Liquidity Mining during March 2021


  • Opium Team


We created a signalling voting: