Proposal: Support BSC 1INCH farming


We propose the possibility to choose one of the following three farming pairs that will be available on the Binance Smart Chain version of 1INCH or, alternatively, the possibility to vote against the implementation of the farming proposal. As an experiment, we want to support the pool with 10k $Opium token distribution per week for at least 4 weeks from launch.
The farming pairs are the following:

  1. OPIUM-BNB pair
  2. OPIUM-1INCH pair
  3. OPIUM-ETH pair


Opium is transitioning to a cross-chain platform! As we want to bootstrap Opium on Binance Smart Chain as well, we think that launching the first BSC-powered DR.OPOIUM is an effective way of doing so.


Weekly distribute rewards via DR.OPIUM for the liquidity providers to the voted pool.


Opium Team

To vote on this proposal visit this link:


A pair with the blockchain’s native token ofcourse :smiley: