Proposal: Run liquidity mining campaign on $Opium option call pool


A few months ago it was launched a decentralized $Opium covered-call strategy, where pool stakers can obtain a position that allows them to earn a premium (in $Opium) if the market price of $Opium is less than its strike price.

The scope of the current proposal is to put forward a plan to run a liquidity mining campaign on the covered-call pool.

The Opium team proposes to make the Opium Ecosystem fund an active counterparty in the $Opium option call, as this would have the beneficial consequence of further incentivising the participation in the pool.

For this end, the Opium Ecosystem would acquire decentralized option calls from the covered-call pool and would fund the premiums of all the stakers.

In order to run this liquidity mining campaign, we propose to allocate part of the community treasury (as proposed 10000 Opium/month, that) to acquire $Opium option calls.


• Incentivise the staker participation in $Opium option call pool

• Consolidate the utility of the Opium governance token


• Acquire $Opium option calls on a monthly basis for next 6 months if the proposal is accepted by the community


• Opium DAO


Voting is live

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