Proposal: rewards for stakers in USDT protection pools on Opium.Finance


We propose that the stakers of the following pools will receive the following liquidity mining rewards for the current epoch proportional to their stake in the pool:

  • Sell USDT protection 26 MAR - ~35% APR, 15’800 OPIUM
  • Sell USDT Protection 19 MAR - ~60% APR, 1’500 OPIUM


Stakers into pools deposit their tokens and become liquidity providers for specific products such as USDT Protection. When these pools transit to the Trading phase, this liquidity is used to offer the protections. Thus, stakers play a significant role in these products, increasing available liquidity and allowing buyers to purchase bigger protections.


  • Deploy DR.OPIUM to distribute 17’300 $OPIUM proportional to stakes in the pools described above


  • Opium Team
Distribute rewards for staker of 3 latest pools on Opium.Finance?
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We created a signalling voting:

what about the pool for the 13 MAR? which is at 99% utilization?

did this get voted on? What rewards will get distributed to the last 3 pools?