Proposal: Reward participants of Bancor DAO voting with new serial NFT


There is an ongoing Bancor DAO voting to whitelist the $OPIUM token with 150k BNT co-investment.

The proposal requires 40% of quorum in order to be accepted. Currently, the quorum is 35%.

We propose to incentivise vBNT holders for voting on this proposal with new serial NFT from Opium NFT Collection. Every voter is to be rewarded regardless of their vote.

NFT Rewards will only be distributed if the proposal reaches the quorum.

These potent features will be available to the Opium community once $OPIUM is whitelisted at Bancor:

  • Single-sided liquidity provision
  • Impermanent loss protection


  • Reward with NFT all participants of the aforementioned voting if the proposal reaches the quorum


  • Opium Team

First whitelisting voting did not reach quorum, but we applied for the second attempt, and the quorum was finally met

Update 2
Since the voting on the forum reached the consensus and there were enough time for discussions, moving the proposal to signalling voting


  • FOR

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Sold all my $OPIUM already, so I don’t really care. But this is a good idea nonetheless.