Proposal: Prolong 1inch-Opium liquidity mining campaign

We propose to extend the 1inch-Opium liquidity mining campaign with increased rewards.

Given the success that the 1inch-Opium liquidity mining campaign has proven to be so far, the Opium Team would like to prolong it if the community will also signal its interest in such a possibility.


  • Define the length of the additional liquidity mining period and the size of the additional rewards.


  • Opium Team

Snapshot voting
Vote here:


Hopefully it can be prolonged without the need to exit the first pool and reenter. I think you retain more stackers of they don’t need to exit and reenter. All my Opium is currently in the pool so no vote for me. But I’m in favor.

Would this be just opium rewards, or do you think 1inch will provide extended rewards as well?

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You can still vote when your Opium is in the pool.

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Good reminder, thank you! So I can do forum polls and snapshots, but then for an on-chain vote I would need to have Opium available in my wallet and then wrap it for a vote? I’m not 100% caught up on that yet, but I’ll head to discord to learn etc.

I think the OPIUM rewards should increase atleast 3 times, as this time for some people it’s not financially viable to even withdraw their rewards. Considering the transaction fees and looking at Farming: 1inch Liquidity Pool (ETH-OPIUM) (farm-1LP-ETH-OPIUM) Token Tracker | Etherscan