Proposal: Pre-payment for the Business Analyst phase of “Oh My Opium”

Hello everyone!

This proposal is created for requesting a pre-payment for the Business Analyst phase of “Oh My Opium”.

There is the link to the signaling voting for the improvement and development of the community version of Opium Finance - Snapshot

It would be great to receive the pre-payment of 2260 OPIUM (~ $3,500 on 01/04)

The exact amount of hours will be calculated at the end of the BA phase and the pre-payment will be counted.

We notify about the tasks we’ve done once per week.

Best regards,
Codemotion team

Hello there

I personally see no problem with this pre-payment as the budget was already approved by the community, I think you can go ahead and proceed with the voting

HI! I agree with it as well