Proposal: Perform all future Dr.Opium deployments on Polygon


From now on deploy all Dr.Opium smart contracts on Polygon network instead of Ethereum


Deployments and claiming on Ethereum became extremely expensive and infeasible.

Considering pending proposal on including Polygon bridged OPIUM into voting power calculation on proposals it will be easier for everyone to claim their governance tokens and participate in governance without the need to spend a lot of ether to claim their voting power.

The proposal serves only indicative (signalling) purpose to express community opinion on the aforementioned topic

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I think only question is: how trustful is Polygon bridge?
For me it seems reasonable and I like the project, but others may not see it like this…

The rest seems obvious: cheaper txs, good infrastructure, traction in the team.


At the time we have only two L2 with $OPIUM support : BSC and Polygon.
Both of them seems not best in the world L2 solution haha but from these two Polygon definitely more decentralized, so, I personally vote for Polygon too. But from general L2 question its better to move somewhere else at all… like Arbitrum for example.

Totally agree, the topic is only Dr.OPIUM related :+1:

Voting has started: