Proposal: Payment for the Development phase of “Oh My Opium” (till 20.05.22)

Hi there,

Since you did not have any comments on our last posts where we answered your questions and provided detailed information on each of your questions, we would like to start the payment process.

This proposal is created for requesting the payment for the development part of “Oh My Opium” from the beginning till 20/05/2022 including prepayment which has already been paid.

The invoice for this period of the Development phase you can find here: $15,536.51 June 23, 2022 invoice toOh My Opium_____ - Oh My Opium.pdf - Google Drive

There is the link to the signaling voting for the improvement and development of the community version of Opium Finance - Snapshot

We would like to kindly ask you to submit the payment for the next two weeks.
The requesting amount is 85373,5 OPIUM (stated on 27/06/22).

We value your cooperation.

Best regards,
Codemotion Team

Previous grant was completely misused imo discussion on the topic shows that most of the community are against. I would definetely vote against if there is a proposal to pay 80k Opium that had an average price of 500k USD over the last year, crazy lol especially for the one page web that should cost few thoussand dollars to develop (of course there are teams that can also spend one million dollar on it)

nice try however LOL

I dont know who voted for 23k in tokens distribution on such thing, already an extremely bad desicion!!!