Proposal: Partner & Deploy with Kava Network to earn a share of rewards

Kava is launching its ethereum co-chain this May and offering major incentives for Defi projects to deploy on the Kava platform.

KAVA essentially giving away 200M Kava ($800M+ usd) for protocols who can come and bring TVL onto the Kava platform. It has already launched its testnet, and is giving an additional 100K Kava for projects who deploy early on testnet before May as a bonus.

Kava is offering a 200M Kava ($800M USD) main net incentive program, rewards to be distributed on a monthly basis over a 4 year period proportional to the amount of TVL brought over. Main net set to go live May 10th.

Here is the main net incentive program doc:

In addition, Kava is offering a bonus 100K Kava incentive for deploying on test net. No TVL requirements, a simple deployment will do, must be deployed prior to main net launch.

Here is the test net incentive program doc: