Proposal: Launch new liquidity mining programs for $OPIUM token

@Locutus can you please share a little more thoughts about “Olympus pro bonding” thing ? Just little explainer in short - what is so special in this approach ?
It will be much easier for other forum participants to better understand context… because its hardly the case that everyone would go further and google all the long details about Olympus )))
thank you!

ohh damn… it seems too complicated for me :woozy_face:, but any way , I pressed LIKE button :joy:))))

Discount bond.LP could sell their LP token to project for buying OPIUM with certain discount when it comes to maturity,Liquidity becomed PCV for opium protocol.

  1. The proposal consist of both Uni V3 and Bancor Liquidity Mining let’s just do both of them and users will decide their favorite method and desired risks. I’m personally FOR Uniswap just because it brings network effect and many tokens listed mainly on Uniswap perform much better
  2. Uniswap V3 allows you to control your impermanent loss
  3. Didn’t get what you mean about “free” liquidity
  4. Can you please elaborate on Olympus thing? Also very interested


Just released script that calculates Uniswap V3 rewards

Should be tuned a bit, and it’s ready to be used within Liquidity mining interface

Please review and contribute


  • fromBlock block from which rewards are calculated
  • toBlock block till which rewards are calculated
  • batchBlocks number of blocks for the batch rewards (ex. every 1000 blocks)
  • batchRewards number of $OPIUM tokens allocated to one batch


  • Script iterates over all block batches and allocates rewards for each batch
  • Each batch is retreiving Uniswap V3 state from subgraph in provided block number
  • All Uniswap V3 positions that have liquidity including current tick are getting rewards in pro-rata basis based on their liquidity in current tick
  • If the positon holder happpens to be G-UNI DAI/OPIUM Pool, then rewards are distributed to all G-UNI holders in pro-rata basis based on their balance

Script is compatible with this UI

I read some analytic articles about Olympus Pro bonding,it seems like the bonding doesn’t work well in other projects,the reason for this is that OlympusDAO has a rebase mechanism while others don’t have

I’m not sure Uniswap V3 is eglible for most retail LPs to manage indeed,especially for LPs who provide low-marketcap token which may more eaiser to big pump and dump,If someone could give a scenario analysis on IL for those LPs on V3,it would be great for us to evalute the risk.
And let’s suppose we can launch V3 LM, the better choice is depositing LP to certain liquidity management protocol due to high gas cost on mainnet unless we could provide $opium on Arbitrum or Optisimism in the future.

There is an option to stake into G-UNI pool DAI/OPIUM it’s already available on Sorbet Finance

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Well, from all of the possibilities the Bancor is the best.As there is IL protection and as well we can vote for Bancor rewards on top of the pool. Its best solution by far - and is included in all market aggregators.

There is nothing to speculate about :slight_smile: as this is set and forget.