Liquidity mining interface

Hello there, created a simple interface for liquidity mining.

Was inspired by implementation by Universe

Now only dropiums are available

Here is the link on ipfs: Liquidity mining interface

Feel free to contribute and help

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Found dropium implementation here:

My github and source here:

Nice stuff here!

Maybe add possibility to import JSON as is without URL as well?

Example JSON’s would be nice to have too, at least in README

it looks complicated hahah
I dont get what it does :sweat_smile:.

Thanks for the suggestions here as well!

Agree it’s a good idea, I will add example in the next release.

Meanwhile here is the last one, added 1inch style types of minings

Added ability to import minings via JSON and added some examples of actual minings

Hey, can you pls add Bypass-Tunnel-Reminder header with any value to calculating dropium requests?

Trying to use this JSON, but first requests fails because of localtunnel first page

  "title": "Uniswap V3 DAI/OPIUM Liquidity Mining",
  "type": "DROPIUM",
  "totalRewards": 60000,
  "status": "CALCULATING",
  "networkId": 137,
  "params": {
    "subgraphUrl": "",
    "subgraphParam": "rewards"

Hello, @parasite
I’ve added the header, seems to be working
check it here:

If you are a developer, feel free to contribute.

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