Proposal: Launch Liquidity Mining on Opium Turbo

Since Opium launched its first ETH Turbo on polygon.I think it’s necessary to launch liquidity mining on Turbo to incentive more users to participate in.
1.The supply could be adjusted automatically according to the staking volume,while it reached to a certain threshold,the supply should be fixed,it just looks like a piecewise function.For instance, there will be 500 Opium per week when the volume is between 20 Weth and 30 Weth,when the volume is above 200weth, it could be set a fixed amount of 5000 per week.
2.We can still use Dr.opium to distribute the token.while I hope we could lower the clarity fee, it would be better for LPs to get all opium they earn according to their share in 14 days. The reason is that the current circulating supply is just 6.3% of total supply accoring to coingecko, there is less liquity to trade opium on secondary market with the daily volume is between 300k and 600k. And the price would be more volatile for token with lower liquidity, price could be dump with a larger selling volme currently,which may depresse the LPs .so we need to release Opium earlier to increase the liquidity in secondary market at early stage.

I agree for seller and buyer. But I don’t see why Dr.opium should be used if the charity duration is only 2 weeks.
If dr.opium is used anyway maybe we can do like 80% charity fee exponential over 2 weeks. What do you think?


I think the whole market should include active participants(buyer and seller) and trader.
Take Bitcoin for example,miners could sell own bitcoin anytime according to their will,if you tell miners you cant sell your bitcoin until 30 days,otherwise you will get a discount amount of bitcoin.I think it would depress them, because current crypto market is highly volatile,bitcoin could dump 20% in two days just like last week.30-day is a bit long for miners,especially for small miners who want to sell their bitcoin when the market is dump.
Dropium is a good longterm mechanism for ecosystem indeed,considering it and volatile market,so I think 14-day maybe better for stakers(miners).
And it could also be better to increase the opium circulation.Trader plays an important role.the current circulation is low(6%),and it may cause Opium price be manipulated,price manipulation would depress stakers,so its important to have a trading market with enough liquidity and trading volume.
I like your idea about exponential clarity fee,but I hope we could short the period.
Thanks for sharin your points,dennis

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