Proposal: Keep Sushiswap AMM rewards as they are

The extension proposal for Sushiswap/1inch AMM passed last week however the proposal stated that the Sushiswap rewards will be distributed via the DROPIUM mechanism. I think that distributing them as they are right now, without DROPIUM, is a better way.

If people wish to achieve the benefits of DROPIUM mechanism, then they can stake via 1inch. I don’t think DROPIUM should be forced across all pools, having the variety may attract more liquidity to the network and hence further the protocols development.

Signal here for this:

Good point! If you make the LP choose between Dr.opium and normal farming the APY will balance between 1inch and sushi naturally.

It seems that we made a typo in our initial proposal. Rewards for SushiSwap will be distributed normally as they were before. Thank you for notifying us.

Indeed, that was unclear if the reward on sushiswap was concerned by the Dr.opium or not. Thank you for clarifiying.