Proposal for promotion


I was referred to drop my proposal here

I’m Samson Sabagha a project developer and crypto promoter on twitter

I came across your project ( Opium) obviously is a promising project with unique idea so I decided to drop by and share some ideas with you, I believe it can help to build your project growth and attract investors

As you may probably know! One thing that drives a project right now is community and appropriate Marketing

Well I’ll love to suggest to your project a marketing service of over 300 content creators and 20 influencers who are capable of creating a massive awareness and a large exposure to potential investors on social media

The 20 influencers of which few are followed by CZBinance

Our better means of promoting your project is via twitter through Shilling and making hype of your project

A team of influencers
Crypto news blog
Will be set up to help make a trend about your project on twitter

How’s this achievable??

This team will be involved in making minimum 3 post about your project daily for a period of 4 week

They will be involved in hosting contest and giveaways (the aim is to build a larger and active followers for your project)

Shilling your project to different TG groups
Engaging on any post made by your project on any social media platform

And lots more.

For a strong team of 20 influencers
300 crypto supporters(shillers)
crypto news blog
And 100 TG Army (They go to several groups spreading the news of your project and also keep your TG group active )

For A fair price of 4000$

And its a promo that runs for 4 week.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to drop my proposal anticipate your reply.