Proposal: ETH-OPIUM Liquidity Mining Charity Fee should be 60% over 90 days period

In my opinion the charity should be 60% over a 90 day period for the ETH-OPIUM Liquidity dr.opium program. This should really award the strongest hodler. I think 30 days linear is too short.

As they included in the Medium post explaining the dr.opium system:


Nice thoughts… to be honest I feel myself ambivalent when thinking about that )))
from one side - I totally agree that 30 days is not so “drOPIUM” as it intended to be… and I vote here for 60 or even 90 days…
from other side - look at the $OPIUM price… from my POV its too high for this project at this point of maturity… With all my passion to this project I cant allow myself to buy more with such prices…
This is pure speculation from me… but I share my feels and vision.
So… from price point of view - I, personally, prefer that it cool down a bit… so, I can buy it on more preferable levels…

just my 5 cents…


I agree that a long-term support of the project should be rewarded but, at the same time, I think it’s a trade-off between that and having a larger circulating supply so that more people can meaningfully participate in the community & engage with the governance process

I’m glad you agree. Some comments:

  • The circulation / spread of the coins stays the same if the charity time is longer.
  • I think the bottle neck for the price / exposure is that it’s not yet been listed on a major cex.
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Agree. 30 days is quite short. I’m all in favor of the 90 day / 60%. It’ll make for more stronger holders and more decisions as it’s a longer duration.

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Can we poll this, please.


I am in favor of this proposal, 1 month seems too short, and 1 year too long. We should try 90 days instead. I think that would be a period where the Dr.opium effects work well to reward the stronger holders. As for the charity fee, I also think the current 30% is too low. I was thinking more of 50%, but am also fine with the proposed 60%.


The 90 day charity time and the 50% charity fee seem balanced in favor of long term liquidity providers and holders to participate in protocol governance.

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I personally like the idea, it seems 30 days is rather soft and 1 year indeed is long enough, people who are here not because of speculation will be rewarded with more $opium power

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Signal Voting for this proposal is live, feel free to confirm your opinions with off-chain voting: