Proposal: Deposit (pre-payment) for the development part of “Oh My Opium”

Hi there,

This proposal is created for requesting the deposit (pre-payment) for the development part of “Oh My Opium”.

There is the link to the signaling voting for the improvement and development of the community version of Opium Finance -

We would like to kindly ask you to submit the deposit (pre-payment) for the next four weeks of development work.

The precise estimated cost and timeline for the development part of “Oh My Opium”, you can find
following the link -

The requesting amount is 34988 OPIUM (stated on 03/02/22).

We will correct the following invoices if needed upon the factual number of hours later. Due to the most recent events in Ukraine, having some financial back-up upfront will help us support our Ukrainian team financially in the times of their inevitable relocation.

These few weeks are of vital importance for our Ukrainian team to settle down in safer places and make sure they have all the needed conditions and resources to live their daily lives and work.

Thank you for all your understanding and support. We value your cooperation.

Best regards,
Codemotion Team