Proposal: Decrease minimum required bond for proposals validation

I propose to decrease minimum Reality.eth bond from 1 ETH to 0.2 ETH

Minimum required bond is a minimum amount of ETH required to be staked in Reality.eth in order to successfully validate the off-chain proposal and proceed with its on-chain execution.

My observations gave me an idea that 1 ETH bond is too big and unaffordable most of the time right now, especially with many active proposals. If it will be decreased to 0.2 ETH is will become affordable for DAO participants and still will keep the sufficient security in Reality.eth staking escalation game.

On-chain action

Contract: 0xc05e9626310c6CA3369b6Ef5Fbd14dCaAc4e7A70 (DAO Module)
Method: setMinimumBond(bond)
Arg (bond): 200000000000000000

UPD: Voting


Makes total sense!

What about participation rewards for those who performs this service function, may be something to consider?

Good idea. I think it’s also worth looking into the next safesnap version that’s about to come out and considering migration to the native token bonds.

oh, wait a second… there is no way to stake any erc20 as a bond?
I thought its already working this way. And wanted to propose change ETH to stable coin (because if tomorrow eth jump x5 it will be again too expensive for bond to average peoples. and controversy - if eth drop x3 it will be very small for bond)
so, I think stable coin is better suit for bond purposes.

@alirun wdyt ?

Why not Opium token?

same thing as why not ETH. - excessive volatility.
But, it was just an idea… I am not sure its clever one :slight_smile:
Ofcourse $OPIUM as a bond - is more make sense in terms of utility for our token.
But compromise $OPIUM is easier than compromise USDC or DAI I suppose…
just speculating on potential issues though…

is it only possible after new version of safesnap is live?

Totally agree that setting up $OPIUM as a bond is good next move, but IMO the new version of SafeSnap should be audited and sufficiently tested in production before we could even consider using it

Created the voting for the proposal execution