Proposal: add MATIC Turbo on Polygon

Opium is certainly one of the interesting projects in the Polygon DeFi space, building innovative insurance and hedging products. I am writing this proposal to create a Turbo MATIC product similar to Turbo AAVE and ETH.

This Turbo MATIC can be started with a 7 day period - similar to the widely successful AAVE turbo. Other parameters can be discussed here within the community or decided by the team. Also we can look to revise them based on traction and feedback.

Looking forward to this.


It seems like three days can be a bit more interesting for users; we have seen many requests for less than a week but more than a day, but 7days also feels good.

Matic is one of the fast-growing token, and Polygon is an amazing scaling solution.

With Turbo Matic, users can get an extra feature to leverage Turbo exposure for a short time. This feature will make the Matic market more efficient.

Hey @Hamzah_Khan

Thank you for the proposal

Considering the backtest I ran and the latest weekly volatility of MATIC, I propose we start with the following params and then adjust them based on the pool’s performance:

Product name Turbo MATIC
Collateral (ERC20) WMATIC
Minimum nominal 10 WMATIC
Premium fixed 7%
Premium dynamic 3%
Total premium range 7% - 10%
Strike price delta 20%
Epoch length 7 days
Rebalancing phase 0.5 days
Trading phase 4.5 days
Idle phase 2 days

Params and backtest are available here


Sounds good to go Opium fam :raised_hands:

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Changed collateral from amMATIC to WMATIC due to technical issues

Once AAVE’s StaticAToken wrapper is production ready, we can migrate

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