Proposal: add insurance for uAD

uAD is the native stablecoin for the Ubiquity protocol and has a solid pool on 3crv currently.

We are nearing completion of our Certik audit (same team who audited Terra) and in a few days will launch our Bonding v2 contract. 23 July 2021 Our yield aggregator product is rolling out shortly. In the next couple months we will transition into fully decentralized governance.

We are looking to build an insurance for 1:1 uAD to USDC, like the UDST product available now.

Having an insurance integration is part of our adoption roadmap. Would love to build this our on Opium

You can hop into our community on Discord:
And read more on uAD’s tokenomics here: Tokenomics

hey guys,

what collateral do you expect for such insurance?

and who you expect will buy this insurance? We learn that sometimes people in DeFi are not ready yet to pay for coverage

May be call/put option market is more interesting for you? It is also can be seen as part of insurance, but more flexible

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We are setting up a pool with Unslashed and collateral will be ETH there. We are going to have the treasury and some community members fund it.

We like the call/put option market more though. Would love to set this up with you guys.