Opium - no compensation for proposal?

I OPIUM has implemented a functionality I have suggested! Very nice! I just wanted to clarify how the bounty builder program works.

Do I get compensated for my idea on this matter?

I see in the recent medium article this was implemented without any notice of it being proposed by a community member? Any reason for this?

Original idea:

Medium post stating the integration of my idea into Opium protocol:

Specifically here is what I said:

Specifically here is the Medium article:

I actively contribute to a small selection of governance fourms, Opium being one of them, and I would like to keep my energy here. But if my ideas are used without compensation, or even acknowledgement, I won’t continue to contribute to the Opium protocol anymore.

I think NFT is good for compensation instead of token

Hi @Stuart_Hollinge1 thanks a lot for your contributions and energy.

We are happy to support developers liquidity mining program!

Regarding this specific topic. lets see:

  1. It is not a formal proposal, pull request or development on top of Opium.
  2. It is an idea, which we definitely appreciate.
  3. Your idea is regarding 1inch-Opium LP tokens to be used for insurance on Opium (as a collateral to benefit from insurance providing)
  4. The implementation, what team did is: place Stakers position (providers of insurance) into AMM of 1inch (to become liquid)

Seems like a different idea, or how do you see a connection?