Opium 2.0 "early builders" grant

Considering an upcoming release of Opium Protocol v2 I suggest we create a proposal to dedicate a grant in $OPIUM governance tokens from the Ecosystem fund for the early builder and adopters of the new version of the protocol.

I see it as some kind of competition based on TVL / Volumes and creativity (use cases), possibly even with Quadratic voting from the community

Let’s share thoughts here and come up with a proper proposal?


Fully agreed!
As for the scope of the grants and how to evaluate them, while I do agree that TVL is perhaps the best metric to evaluate what grant should be allocated for a project, as it is quantitative and objective, I think that interesting integrations with other protocols should absolutely fall within the umbrella of eligible grant proposals - even if they don’t end up being in production.
The second version of the Opium protocol makes use of ERC20 tokens, so it would be interesting to see community members developing, say, structured products that use options and lending protocol etc… Any kind of valuable creative effort should be rewarded. Clearly establishing how valuable it is might be more subjective, but then again it’d be up to the community to decide and I guess it could be a collective learning process!


so my thought is about the grant distribution for projects on mainnet or layer2.
1.More grant to L2 projects.Gas is so high on mainnet currently,layer2 is the future of Ethereum,so grants will be distributed to project which launches on layer2(like polygon,Arbitrium and other L2 solutions) as an incentive for L2 ecosystem development.
2.More grant to mainnet projects.The ecosystem is more prosperous on mainnet compared with L2,which means more composabilities on mainnet,the operation cost is so high on mainnet currently ,thus distributing more grants to projects lauching on mainnet helps covering operation cost

I think hackathon would be great

  1. people love it
  2. it is more intense and much more community interaction than on the stand alone grants
  3. can be in a collaboration with other projects and sponsors
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