LATOKEN listing via comarketing offer

Hello team! I hope you are well and safe.
My name is Abdulbosit Makhkamov. I am a growth managers lead at LATOKEN. I wanted to reach out to you because I’ve seen a good potential to increase the virality and the organic volume of your project. What I suggest is that we conduct co-marketing activities which will help you increase the number of token holders and organic volume.
It is our experience that with an airdrop or lottery you can reach up to 1 million users. Moreover, we can reach 100% more users by promoting the upcoming event with crypto influencers on Telegram and Twitter. We’ve also seen great traction by having a mandatory buying task in our airdrops and lotteries. You can see running campaigns on this link: Airdrops

Hello, what kind of users are you talking about?
I believe we want to have more engineers and contributors who can help with different aspects of building and support functions.