Introducing Opium Builder Bounty Program

What is a Builder Bounty Program?

One of our core beliefs is that DeFi stands for open innovation and development. Ever since the beginning we have open-sourced Opium Protocol so other teams could build on top of it, or use components in other projects. Today we’re announcing another important step in enabling and incentivising open innovation on top of Opium Protocol.

The Builder Bounty Program is a governance-based program where external and independent builders (developers, designers, data scientists, visual designers and more!) can contribute to further building out Opium Network and share the project’s success by earning $OPIUM governance tokens.

What can I build?

There are no strict rules to what can be built under this bounty program, but for convenience we’ve created two project categories: projects of which the output CAN or CANNOT be evaluated quantitatively.

For example: a project which can be evaluated quantitatively could be a new financial instrument built on Opium Protocol, which brings value to the protocol through increasing the TVL and available liquidity. In this example the project’s performance could be easily evaluated by looking at on-chain data and comparing it to the predefined target/definition of done.

Another example: Creating technical documentation or a visual design for one of the Opium products/components. Such projects are harder to evaluate by quantitatively, so the evaluation is based on community voting via governance on a case-by-case basis.

How to start building?

The best place to start is to read topics: Getting started resources and Welcome to Opium Governance Forum which consist of the available resources within the Opium ecosystem. And then to create a topic in the Build on Opium category with the following structure:

  • Title starting with: Builder bounty
  • Short summary of proposal
  • Rationale of why and how this initiative will benefit the Opium Ecosystem
  • Success metrics (for projects that can be evaluated quantitatively) or detailed definition-of-done (for projects that cannot be evaluated quantitatively)
  • FOR/AGAINST public poll, with visible voting results. This is required for creating a signalling vote later.


In case you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask them here on the forum or on our social media channels.

Good luck and have fun!