Integrating LIDO stETH and other collateral into Opium ETH pools

I am thinking of this for a long time, also following Opium Liquidity Pools (ETH, USDC, 1inch etc)

  1. ETH pool looks interesting (The Defi Option Vault), has more conservative approach than Ribbon and few others, however has 2x leverage and IMO has nice risk/return ratio.

  2. Why there is no possibility to use stETH as a collateral there? I assume stETH is quite liquid and buyers of those options would not mind to have it as a collateral.

With stETH as a collateral, the Defi Option Vault offers a more capital-efficient way to sell options and provides buyers with peace of mind. IMO Opium risk/return ratio is one of the best in the industry, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Question to contributors, is it technically possible? What is stopping us?