How does Opium NFT idea sounds?

I see it entirely without any value attached but as a souvenir.
We all building the future of finance; why don’t we celebrate it with the minting of NTFs? It will be history later; I feel it is essential to share these achievements among the community with something memorable.

We can also attach some functionality for them later on, to have privileges or special rights for people who contribute to the community building etc.

The idea is very open; let’s discuss it here and in Discord?


Recently I thought about proposal to introduce some kind of medal (in form of nice NFT) to one random participant in insurance pools . And do this each epoch.
So, with a time peoples going to collect these medals for their brave to be on insurance side…
ANd as you said - at first its going to be just for fun …
BUT later on governance can introduce some extra clever mechanics around these “medals”
For example, we can introduce “ranks”… and if you have 5 basic medals - you can exchange them to one more rare and unique medal with Level2 class…
Aaand later later on - we can bring some extra-goods for peoples with different “ranks”…
Just an simpliest example of funny utility! - we can create merchant ))) with opium memes or other opium-related stuff… and the one can exchange their medal of class-3 to t-shirt with Opium … or cup… or cool leather wallet… or Ledger-nano with “opium” engraving ))

any way - this is absolutely must have idea about opium-related NFT … this is imprtant for community-driven project I think…

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Cool Idea. it just evolves to GamiFi to some extent.
I think this kind of NFT should be provided with unique value , such NFT could be traded in NFT market like Opensea, and NFT should be designed with imagination and attractive meme if you want better effect. We may allow users to choose the NFT attributes with collection or utility .
As for utility, if the NFT could provide the privilege like lowering the clarity fee or other fee. and I like the “ranks” proposed by sergelove, it will add more entertainment to strengthen Opium ecosystem.

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And we definitely can introduce NFT for most active people on this type of discussions :slight_smile:
Yes, I agree that functionality and ratings are needed, can also be temporary NFT that are allocated tp the user for a month/year and than are going back to the community or to the new owner…

I really love the idea. I haven’t got many experience with NFT but I can say some kind of badge will be fun.
I like Twitch where streamers can allocate certain badges for the time they’re subscribed to the channel. In the context of OPIUM this kind of NFT / badge is allocated to active members let say every month. The utilization can be to see if someone’s opinion is trustable / reliable.

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Sounds Intereting. classifying NFT as recallable and non-recallable could increase participation. Recallable NFT could be set a duration for 1 month in the beginning, The NFT could be recalled or extend to longer maturity(3-month,6-month and non-recallable) which depends on the owner participation in forum.while its necessary to give away users non-recallable NFT occasionally which could help users realize Opium doesnt require them bound to the community by force, its just to help building the better community. But the former NFT genre should be added more value than the latter( non-recallable in the first give),which would form a positive incentive to community members.

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right, and than, based on your reputation, you can do certain things…
Also I think it can be natural inflation in the system, technically speaking that new tokens have higher weight (easier to program)
Also can be temporary (self burning) or permanent tokens

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Love the idea, we should draft a one pager, make it consistent and than implement
what do you guys think of the names/story
we see Opium as something everybody needs and what opens “a portal” to another dimension (better financial primitives and products), it is also privileged thing and historically word “Opium” associated with some beautiful smoking equipment
however we want to walk away from all negative associations with drugs, but rather something opening new finance