Grant for community BUIDL

Opium Team would love to give cash grand for the winner of contest to build useful Opium interface.

We may need a lot of nice-to-have and must-have screens and features.

Let’s discuss here and decide what we build.

From my side, I would say it is very nice to have:

a) a page with all oracles/details + types of the products
b) monitor of all ongoing voting/proposals etc (maybe?)
c) new features for Opium Telegram bot (it exists already and can send notifications about matching of your limit orders, your expiring positions and other personalised data)
d) interface for minting “market neutral positions” to provide liquidity to AMMs etc

lets just drop all ideas (also crazy ones) here?

  • interface for OPIUM NFT area.
  • whole UX proposal to deal with multi-chain reality of current defi life.
  • “opium academy” interface
  • Opium HQ in metaverse (HeadQuarter in Decentraland as most common metaverse right now)
  • Opium dev’s corner. (we need smart peoples… and we have to create clear bright spot for these peoples, so every new potential developer can easily find it and start buidl new deritoys! (derivative toys) ))