Getting started resources

Getting started resources

Approaching the DeFi landscape from a technical perspective can be a daunting challenge, let alone learning new SDKs in an ever-changing ecosystem.

Our aim is to not make the learning curve any steeper than it already is, but, on the contrary, make the development of financial instruments on top of opium as seamless as possible.

Here you will find an up-to-date list of the resources - technical and API docs, github gists and repositories, SDKs - that you can use to build on top of the Opium Protocol and interact with our products - the Opium Exchange, Swaprate and Opium Finance.

Whether you want to build automated bots with custom strategies, integrate our products with your own project or find some quick hackathon recipes, this is the place to start.

If you encounter any issues or just want to share your feedback, please do let us know by opening a thread on this section of the forum! And remember, there are no stupid questions! If you get stuck on something that you deem trivial, chances are that someone else is also facing the same problem.



Python SDK

Typescript SDKs

Smart contracts & Opium Protocol


I’m researching on how to make an Oracle (OracleId). Here some useful links for beginners: Provable former Oraclize allows you to access off-chain data. It subscribes to the events on your contract if it received a request it will (after some time) execute a callback function on your contract with your requested data. provides an API to request prices of tokens e.g. for 1inch:
Using Provable you can easily pull the price with: oraclize_query("URL", "json(")

Some more general information about oracles: Oracles |

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