Geoblock in Ukraine

Hi guys, I am trying to access from Ukraine, I always complied to all terms and conditions, but now suddenly geoblocked.

Hey Nick, welcome to the forum

What country is written here under your IP?

Are you using any kind of proxy? Because Opium Finance not only blocks by country, but also any suspicion on using Proxy or VPN as well

Yes, I do. I use Private Relay on iOS by default.

This might be the issue, as this new iOS and MacOS feature routes all traffic by default not only via proxy servers, but also via the ones located in the US.


I had the same issue with new macOS…

Do I understand correctly, that with new macOS both:

  1. you can be blocked even if you are not in US (or other prohibited jurisdiction)?
  2. you can be allowed even if you are in fact in US (or other prohibited jurisdiction)?

That makes geofencing worthless…?

Well yeah, it seems so.

This happened already on other project’s communities and I saw many complains about Opium Finance too.

Yes, I saw it in community as well
Users have similar issue because of the new Apple security policy

can confirm, i’ve seen many reports describing similar issues with other applications as well. I guess that as private apple relays become more mainstream geoblocking on scale will either become futile or will have to evolve somehow

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