Discussion: parameters for ETH Turbo short (working name)

Hello guys,

We are developing a new product, its working name is ETH Turbo short.

Its buyers will get paid when ETH goes down.
Thus, you can use it as insurance when you are scared for your assets: with this coverage, if ETH goes down, you’ll be compensated the money you lost. You can also make it a part of your strategy and buy it when you think ETH is going to drop—a classic shortening of an asset.

We wanted to ask you about parameters you’d prefer:

  • would you rather have weekly insurance that costs more?
  • or would you prefer daily insurance that costs less?

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If you have any other preferences regarding the parameters of such a tool, please share your thoughts!


How about naming ?
Lets call them
“Turbo Bull” & “Turbo Bear” ? :slight_smile:

Speaking of parameters…
We should take into consideration current market price for shorting an assets.
For an example one of services I using right now for opening leveraged hedge positions cost me 0.033% per 24 hours or 1% per month or 12% per year :
Thus I can keep my position open all the year along… but yes, I have to keeping my eye on my margin level ofcourse.

So, Opium “Turbo Bear” should cost me cheaper or at least compared to price above, because it will last only limited time…

The risks involved in your leveraged trading are much higher, than buying a turbo. You have unlimited downside.

In turbos though your downside is only price of the turbo (premium)

Deribit prices for similar products are:

  • Daily 2.5%
  • Weekly 8%

yepp I understand these risks and ofc agree .

WE NEED IT! haha )) If peoples ready to pay such order of prices, this will be yammie for LP.