Discussion: Community voting principles


I think latest “hot” forum activities showed that its time to discuss subj topic in this community.
Occasionally I read some other DAO’s governance forums, and all matured one have special thread where such principles is revealed.
So, I took MakerDAO as a base (link here) and simplified a little bit just to start this thread and express our vision in further form of the topic.

Proposed Community voting principles :

This is a formalized criteria on how to participate in the signaling process at Protocol governance by starting a proposal.

Before the proposal

Take into consideration starting a discussion on the forum to attract the community’s sentiment before starting a proposal. This step is not necessary for all issues and may always be skipped for urgent issues.

Ensure that you have sufficient time for signalling. The proposal should last at least 48 hours for important matters and 7 days for general matters after going live. Anything less than 48 hours does not give governance participants a decent chance to signal on the issue because many participants do not frequently check the forum. In some situations, however, the issue is urgent and some signal is better than no signal at all. In these cases, this 48 hours length should be ignored with appropriate justification and signal vote started right away.

Constructing a proposal

The proposal should be about a single issue to prevent the topic from becoming a mess of different discussions.
Begin with a summary of the essential information - the form should consist of pros/cons, positive and negative sides and all updates on the thread should be seen in the initial post (it is the responsibility of the proposal author).
Try to find a consensus on the proposal to suit most of the community.
Neutral phrasing - the content and title of the proposal must be written in neutral language to avoid prejudice of other community members.
Link the proposal to the initial discussion on the forum.
Clearly defined lines of progress on the proposal.

During the proposal

Facilitating discussion and engagement in good faith: It is important to encourage people to participate in the signaling process and seek out opinions from both sides. Keeping the discussion going and engaging with all who participate is essential and this responsibility belongs to the proposal author. The proposal author does not have to remain neutral on the issue but does need to run the signaling process in good faith to its conclusion.

On-chain actions: The proposal may contain on-chain actions defined to be executed on behalf of the DAO. If the signal request contains on-chain actions, they must be passed to execution through SafeSnap processes after the request’s lifecycle ends with a successfully approved outcome.

Note that thread starters cannot close an active signal request thread once it has gone live.


UPD1: Snapshot voting created:

As proposed by @alirun in this discussion - we can create special new field in Opium protocol ENS record, which will store our developed principles as a record in blockchain.
If this voting will pass - this action (creating record with the link to protocol voting principles) will be executed.
Important to note - the document itself can be updated further and we can replace previous version with updated version any time via new voting.


That’s great stuff, @sergelove ! It’s good to put a framework in place to guide the community on the discussion and proposals process.

What I have seen so far is that the community has not been engaged much in the forum and signal votes, but that’s something that can be solved along the way.


Thats amazing summary, lets structure it into the one pager and vote for it as a voting principles.
MakerDAO is a great example

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Let’s serve this rules as PDF on IPFS and add it to “opiumprotocol.eth” under: “votingprinciples” text record? This will set the rules in the stone


I think it’s ready for the proposal

@sergelove Please review if it fully reflects your idea. If it does, I propose we initialize the proposal as it seem pretty straight forward

IPFS link: https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/QmXRK6Egnnd2dMGZV3WCL1H7z3YVJjGgt8pQBmdeurzt38

On-chain action:
Description: Add “votingprinciples” text record to ENS domain “opiumprotocol.eth” with content “ipfs://QmXRK6Egnnd2dMGZV3WCL1H7z3YVJjGgt8pQBmdeurzt38”
Contract: 0x4976fb03C32e5B8cfe2b6cCB31c09Ba78EBaBa41 (ENS: Public Resolver 2)
Method: setText(node,key,value)
Arg (node): 0x371733df10a4838ff82afa44e8ccb65dc60f8cf7491985e48fa5c1dc8d1f0240
Arg (key): votingprinciples
Arg (value): ipfs://QmXRK6Egnnd2dMGZV3WCL1H7z3YVJjGgt8pQBmdeurzt38

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ha)) interesting idea, I like it, didnt thought we can put it into ENS record.
This principles can be updated further down the protocol life cycle… but we can update the ENS record too (in this term its not very much “stone” ))).
So, lets do it!
desipere in loco!

It’s a “stone” in terms of record on the blockchain which will remain there forever :slight_smile: