Builder bounty: Reward contributor to @opiumteam/mobx-web3 library

In march Opium community was asking for support of WalletLink compatible wallets on Opium Finance platform. Our development team started to work on this right away, but faced some technical issues.

When our team was facing issues with integration of WalletLink our community member, V, reached out and proposed to help. He identified the issue and addressed it in this Pull Request to our open sourced library @opiumteam/mobx-web3:

His help was altruistic and he didn’t ask for anything, but I think this is exactly the type of activity that’s important for Opium Ecosystem and worth being rewarded.

Success metrics
Support of WalletLink works well, V’s contributions are valuable and are being used by Opium.Finance users on daily basis

I propose to reward V for his valuable contribution with 50 $OPIUM tokens

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