Builder bounty: Opium specific blockchain in cosmos or polkadot ecosystem

  • Short summary of proposal:
    I propose to build an application specific blockchain for Opium protocol.

  • Rationale of why and how this initiative will benefit the Opium Ecosystem:

    • Additional utility for Opium token - staking for the network security.
    • Ability to write more complex logic using modules/pallets. Not all kinds of logic is possible to implement using SC because of contract size limitations and transaction limitations.
    • Ability to have automated oracles with scheduling, flexibility not available in SC without usage of thirdparty services.
    • Ability to use Inter blockchain communication assets and crosschain features from top crosschain ecosystems.
    • Possibility to include EVM and WASM smart contract engines or create domain specific language to ease derivatives creation.
    • Additional interest for institutions to participate in the project development by deploy of own nodes what can makes them fill like a part of the project and additionally benefit from governance token staking and network transaction fees.
    • Have a better transaction throughput on own chain not sharing it with other projects.
    • Space for own metaverse.

Success metrics: Implementation of MVP version. MVP requirements should be discussed with opium team & community. Launch of the network and integration with IBC.

PS. how to create a poll?)

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