Builder bounty - Dr. Opium position in que


Create an info button on the Opium Finance page for each of rewards section.
This info button will let the user know how much OPIUM is remaining in each section, the amount of OPIUM left, the amount that has already been claimed, the remaining participants who have yet to claim.
Leave suggestions of what info you’d like to see!

Rationale of why and how this initiative will benefit the Opium Ecosystem

Clarity and transparency is always a beneficial thing to integrate into a DeFi schema.

Success metrics

button is implemented.


Add button to each section on mining page that lets the user known more about the rewards
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Sounds like a good idea. The information is publicly accessible on the blockchain: might as well collect and process that data and make it easily available for everyone, fair is fair.

The title of your post contains “bounty”, which implies that anyone could do it and receive a bounty for a good implementation. Sounds good to me, in which case we should be thinking about the size of the bounty. One thing that’s bugging me though, is that even though anyone could build this system, it’s up to the people hosting the domain to host it on the website. Looks like we’ll need some kind of approval from them.

I dig the idea and, more generally, I’m in favor of adding more data analytics features - dashboards etc., both public and also for the respective users-.
We haven’t really had the time to discuss the topic in-depth as we’ve been busy with other priorities in our development pipeline, but, personally, I think that it’d be a neat idea for a commuity/builder project.
Something like a Grafana for Opium :grinning:

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