Build Opium exclusive dashboard and reward for the builder

@andrey posted this image on telegram,I’m not aware of the opium growth without this image.
The only convient and reliable metric source about is from defil so far,but it only tracks TVL,so I suggest community could help build the Opium dashboard which could provide more data.
The reasons for that are:
1.Track opium growth to ensure its sustainability;
2.Data anayltic (for investor to evalute $opium, for community to improve tokenomics if necessary)
3.Understand market demand and risk performance to build better prodcut;
4.Involve more newcomers in opium community with data dashboard
It’s amazing to see opium volume reach over 30m in Nov.It’s a good signal to see opium growth.I think the dashboard could include the following metrics:
1.Total TVL and TVL distribution (by chain and by product);
2.Total trading volume and TV by each product(daily/monthly/yearly);
3.Unique user numbers ;
4. historical performance about each turbo(we could only see the projected APR on website so far)
5.other exclusive data for each kind product(To Be Discussed if necessary)
I’ve seen many project community build dashboard by themselves,like KlimaDAO built it on Dune Analytics, while Abracabra community build it on Microsoft Power BI, I suggest opium build dashboard on exclusive webiste cuz dune isn’t easy for normal people to use.
Last but not least,the dashboard operation team should be rewarded with grants(To Be discussed)