Allowing claiming of tokens to be done in one transaction

I’d like to suggest the possibility of there being a way to claim all or some of the pending tokens at once. Each user can mark what rewards they want to claim, some of them or all, and this will interact with the contract once, thus saving the user from paying fee each time a reward would like to be claimed.

It will get a lot better in coming weeks with eth scaling improvements.

I see the latest item up for voting is exactly this. I think it’ll incentive log term holders and following the dr. opium principle. I’m still looking to see the rewards for the Mar13 monthly contract and Mar19 one as well. I divided my stake amongst 3 pools but only see 1 mentioned. I’m a stickler for transparency.

I have opium to withdraw in 4 pools from each week. I will lose a lot of transaction fee.

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This would be a relief, particularly to claim the rewards for the first few rounds.

Making a function which claims all tokens will only save 21000 gas per pool - 1.