Add OPIUM support at AAVE

We need to defend the idea in the governance forum of AAVE:

Just like Balancer did Proposal: Add support for BAL - New Asset - Aave

It will give an extra functionality to OPIUM allowing to borrow against OPIUM collateral.


Great idea!

We might need to work on liquidity tho.
Are there any plans to make opium available to trade on some bigger CEX?

As i understand, the token value is directly correlated to the revenue the platform creates. (10% from profits generated).

I watched the interview, where you said that opium tried to do complex stuff before and the defi market just wasn’t ready for that yet, so you trimmed down the complexity.

I still think that there is alot of misknowledge about derivatives - like how someone might implement them and earn revenue through them. So my proposal would be to try to make this part more clearer, and maybe make some example products or some case studies or smth like that.

So that the revenue starts going.

my 2 cents


I’m for this, I’m not an Aave user at the moment so I don’t want to be the one to make the initial proposal. Whenever the proposal is up though let us know and the Opium community should go over there and support it.


Oh i see there’s alot of cool and educative stuff at medium feed!


I like this idea. I like AAVE and would love integration of OPIUM. Would this be for just lending and borrowing, or are you considering trying to integrate insurance as well (I’m assuming for insurance there would be more steps / integration costs)?

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Exactly, insurance integration will be “must” in the end of this year IMHO