Proposal: Support the development of community version of Opium Finance

sounds great, more community integration needed!

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Thanks for the elaborate proposal! I think the proposal makes a lot of sense—the budget estimate is not unreasonable and the proposed approach seems effective.

I think some focussed efforts on the Opium Finance UI would be of strategic importance since it would enable users to more easily interact with the primitives that the protocol offers (which are very promising in my opinion).

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Nice, i like the design :heart:

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good work, can’t wait to see it rolling :rocket:

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Good idea about reworking and extending the infrastructure of the project. Design looks interesting. But I have a few question regarding the proposal. It’s not even close to critique, just want you to elaborate on several details.
What will be the difference between the original Opium and “Oh My Opium”?
What is the need of 3-week business analysis for an already working project with working mechanics?

Thank you in advance for your response :wink:

Hey Nick, can answer this question to clarify.

“Oh My Opium” is a alternative, completely independent and open sourced community version of the Opium Finance interface that was initiated by @mrnobody couple of month before. It’s running on IPFS.

that’s crazy to see that community is building own versions more front end decentralisation. The same is done by communities of AAVE, Uniswap and others. If I am not mistaken it is more than 10 companies already who built on the protocol their experiments, prototypes and fully productional products

my key observation that [analogues of] derivatives are not adopted in DeFi in any project: in CeFi derivative are 100x of spot market, however in DeFi is 0.1 at max so far

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Same question…

But overall - great move! I waited for smth like that ! We definitely need high level decentralized UI to access protocol.
And prices for such work seems reasonable and not looks as the team just want to grab some tokens.

Btw, its very interesting to me - the whole process of grant delivery…
And one more - If I get it correct - the whole work will be opensourced, yes? @Codemotion

Good evening,

There are 2 scenarios for the BA phase in our proposal: Optimistic and Realistic.

We consider maximum hours for the BA phase in the realistic scenario. It’s like a budget cap. We try to cover all risks by adding 40% on top of this scenario. Actually, we’ll be focused on fitting into Optimistic and provide regular reports that will show plan/fact and any deviation.

We need 2-3 weeks for the BA phase:

  • check currently implemented oh-my-opium project implementation and business-logic to understand how it works and if it works as expected, so we’ll prepare very detailed specifications for already existing features;

  • investigate all-new features requested, prepare detailed specs for each, make required tech researches (e.g. for WalletConnect);

  • we’ll thoroughly test the currently existing oh-my-opium project to figure out possible bugs that should be addressed later or confirm that it’s 100% corresponds to the specs.

The outcome will be ready-to-go specs for developers that will be synchronized and confirmed with the community so we can avoid any risks on scope and budget. It will help all parties to be on the same page regarding what is the current status of the project, what should be done, and in what way and essentially securing the community risks for the development phase.

You can take a look at the breakdown for the BA phase for the Optimistic scenario here:
[Oh My Opium BA phase Estimation v1.0 - Google Spreadsheets]

You are always welcome if you have any additional questions. :slight_smile:


how about this question ?

Yes. The whole work will be opensourced.


There is an ongoing snapshot voting


Good evening everyone!

We are so excited to start working on the project. We are ready to start from the Business Analyst phase. :nerd_face:

We are thankful to all of you. Thank you for your support! :relaxed: :blush:

We are setting up the team and want to notify you about our plans for the BA phase. We have chosen the strongest BA from our team for the project. This BA can dedicate 2-3 hours per day for Opium. We hope that he will be more available soon and spend more time on the project to speed BA phase.

We believe that his wide experience brings great results.

Wishing you all a productive week!
Codemotion team


Awesome news! I’m excited to see where it will lead us! Thank you guys!

Congrats guys, excited to see outcome of that story !

Hi guys, would progress and deliverables be tracked in Jira and /Confluence then? and are these pages accessible by community?


Hi Everyone!

Hope Christmas is around with great atmosphere!

Just a short progress update from our side for the past week. We had a productive kick-off and got the following done:

  1. Did product investigation in terms of developed functionality;
  2. Created product positioning document;
  3. Conducted Q&A workshop with core contributors.

Our next steps are:

  • Prepare requirements for current product;
  • Investigate to-be state of the platform (design + requirements from core contributors).

We are open for your questions and suggestions. Please comment on what you would like us to share and present to the community for open review and discussion.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Best regards,
Codemotion Team

Hi Gregor, all deliverables will be logged in Confluence. Here is a public link, accessible for unauthorized users:[…]NmYxZTUwMGU1MTBiNDlmYjhiM2E0Zjk4ZDQzYTU2NWYiLCJwIjoiYyJ9
There is also link to Jira in confluence page.
Please note, only finalized deliverables are published there.
Thank you!

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Hello everyone!

There is the result of the voting for the Proposal: Pre-payment for the Business Analyst phase of “Oh My Opium”

Thank you very much :yellow_heart:

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Good afternoon!

We have completed the BA phase and are ready to start the development phase:

  1. First, we conducted a code review of the current state of the project. A detailed code review and our recommendations can be found at

  2. The following documentation has been described. We have divided the documentation into 2 sections. In the first section, we described the current state of the system, and in the second section, we described how it should work, based on your requirements and the provided design. Documentation can be found at

  3. Based on the documentation described in the confluence, some tasks were tested.
    Based on the test results, there were several bugs:

  4. We are also currently validating the design and will soon provide you with a list of what we lack in design.

You are always welcome if you have any additional questions.

Codemotion Team