Exchange proposal

Hello to all Opium holders and team,

I think as we getting near our v2 launch we should do something in regards with our liquidity mining on 1inch and exchanges.

Our liquidity mining program is on 1inch - which doesnt make much sense - when their exchange is not listed on other market aggregators and 1inch is not very known when we compare it to uniswap,sushi bancor. - where all market aggregators are taking position from.

Thus i would like to solve the issue - the best way could be to “list” opium on uniswap and continue with mining program there. But more clever solution is - move this liquidity to BANCOR where is already substantial part of liquidity - 1m BANCOR - 2m 1inch.

And liquidity providers are protected from IL by BANCOR. The add-on to this would be team to write proposal on Bancor forum so Bancor would add their BNT rewards to this pool.

We could also use the rewards from 1inch mining pool to “bribe” the voters. And after successful vote we could rewards from liq.mining move incentivise core product of opium protocol.


End liquidity mining on 1inch and create proposal on bancor forum to move BNT rewards to OPIUM pool.


With using 1inch we are spending opium tokens that could be used elsewhere and users are not protected from IL. The users of other famous market aggregators as paraswap - are not routed through 1inch pools.

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I don’t know why the Bancor LM mentioned before just pass by

I don’t think we should end liquidity mining on 1inch, it keeps the pools big enough to sustain the price movements even though there is not much of the volumes in there.

But I totally agree on the importance of other liquidity mining programs.

There is already a proposal which includes all of the liquidity mining programs you mentioned, let’s just make it happen!

I’m doing all I could, will push some code for this now, we all need to work together to make it happen.